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If you are studying the online gaming industry, then you have probably heard of the Aviator game. This is an interesting real money game concept that is different from regular casino games.

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Aviator is an automated game of chance, which makes it similar to slots. But it’s not a slot. The best way to define it is the term “crash game”. It has simplistic graphics, so looks aren’t its main appeal factor. Players love Aviator for exciting action and unique gameplay.

Since 2019 Aviator was released and became one of the most popular in online casinos. The game is quite unusual for fans of traditional slots, so new players need explanations on how to start playing and winning. That is what we are here for. We will explain how the game algorithm works, how long the session lasts, how you can start playing and what strategies you can use to successfully play for money.

On which site to play Aviator?

Best Choise for India

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How the Spribe Aviator Game Algorithm Works

In the Aviator game, you can choose your bet and press the button to start the session, just like in the slot. However, there are no reels, no matching symbols, and no paylines in the game. Here’s how it works:

  • The algorithm generates results in a completely random order. It is impossible to know or predict when the multiplier will reach its maximum level.
  • As soon as you set the bet and start the session, the plane will start to take off.
  • The lucky plane keeps going up and the odds keep going up. The plane takes off at a random moment. You need to press the button to cash out up to this point. If you wait, the odds will rise and you will have a chance to win big. However, you risk losing your bet.
  • You’ll notice that the multiplier increases slowly at first, but as the plane goes up, it starts to accelerate.
  • The game is quite simple in terms of graphics. To play it does not require a productive device, it works great on budget smartphones and tablets. It is responsive to all screen sizes.
  • The online game “Aviator” has a social component. This is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. In the game, you can see how many players are currently active. They can all use the chat to discuss their strategies, wish each other good luck and congratulate the winners.
  • The screen also shows how much other players have bet and how much they have won. You can also view the statistics, which show the highest daily, monthly and all-time winnings.

How long does it take to play at Aviator Casino?

One game round lasts from 1 to 30 seconds. Most players need several rounds to get a decent win. Of course, it depends on their strategy.

You can try to play one round just to try the game. Depending on the chosen casino, the minimum bet in the game is from 10 Rs (about 0.12$).

The number of game sessions is not limited. Therefore, you need to have good self-control in order to end the gaming session when it is beneficial for you, so as not to lose money in the following sessions.

The RTP of the game is 97%. This means that over time, the player will return 97% of their bets. This is an average. You can either win a lot of money or lose over a long period of time.

We recommend setting a limit on the time and budget that you will invest in Aviator India.

Important features of the game Aviator

Although the gameplay is simple, it has a few extra features that make it fun:

Double bet

Aviator Double bet
Double bet

This game allows you to place 2 bets per round. For example, if you plan to bet 20 Rs, you can split it into two bets of 10 Rs. This increases your chances of winning as you can cash out one of them faster and risk the other one more.

Of course, you must remember that there is no guarantee of a successful session. You can lose both bets if you can’t cash out on time.

But if you successfully cash out one of the bets, the winnings may be enough to cover the losing bet. It goes without saying that you can also cash out both bets and this will result in a significant win.

In-Game Chat

Aviator In-Game Chat
In-Game Chat

You can use the chat to communicate with the player community. You can ask about their strategies, ask for advice on how to play, or just congratulate the winners.


Aviator Rain

The game Aviator 2.0 has a special feature – rain. He appears at a random time and adds a random number of free bets to the chat. You can use the “claim” button to claim these free bets. That’s why it’s important to check the chat from time to time.


Aviator Autoplay

If you plan to play multiple rounds and want to make the game easier, you can activate the autoplay feature. You set the bet and the number of rounds to run (up to 10). If you change your mind, you can stop the session while the autoplay feature is active.

Auto payout

Aviator Auto payout
Auto payout

You can set the multiplier level for when you want the game to cash out. If your strategy is to withdraw money at a certain moment each time, this feature will be very useful.

Round History

Aviator Round history
Round history

This function shows the history – what were the multipliers in the last games. With its help, you can find a certain trend and develop a strategy based on it. The game also has a history of your bets – how much you bet, the outcome of the round and what multiplier you used to withdraw money.

The registration process in the game for money Aviator

Aviator Registration

The developer of the game Aviator Spribe sells his offspring to various online casinos. If on some site you see this provider, then the game will be available. There are practically no differences between the functionality, the rules of playing Aviator for money on different sites. The only difference is in the very conditions that the casino offers to its players, as well as the presence of secondary functions like online chat.

To register at an online casino and get access to the Aviator game:

  • Find a trusted site that lists Spribe among the slot game providers. Our reviews will help you find the best online casino that suits your needs.
  • Register as a user. You will need to provide your name and email. Some sites also require you to provide a phone number. All data must be true, as you will go through an identity verification procedure later.
  • Make your deposit. In most cases, you can take advantage of the bonus on your first deposit. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before using the bonus!
  • Browse the offer of games and use the search function to find the game Spribe Aviator. Now you are ready to start playing!

Which platform to choose for playing for money in Aviator

Top best sites to play

  • 1000+ online games.
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Bonus for the first registration
  • Curasao license
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Sign up bonus 500$
  • Mobile app
  • License in Curasao
  • Interface in English and more
  • Quick withdrawal

Spribe distributes the original Aviator without distinction through online casinos. No matter which site you choose, you will get access to the same game with the same extra features. Since this is an original game, you can be sure of its fairness.

To choose the best platform to play Aviator for real money, consider the following factors:

Welcome bonus and promo codes

The welcome offer will multiply the funds you deposit. Some sites also provide free spins for you to try out some of their slots. So far, we have not found a bonus offer with free credits specifically for the Aviator game. However, you can use the funds corresponding to the deposit for it.

Aviator Bonuses

When you plan to take advantage of a welcome bonus, be sure to read its terms and conditions. Such bonuses may have wagering requirements. You will not be able to withdraw your funds until the conditions are met.

Loyalty program

A welcome bonus draws you to a particular site, but what makes you stay there? The loyalty program is one such feature, so find out what perks you get as a regular user.

Security Features

A good online casino must have an SSL certificate and a valid license issued by a reputable authority.

Convenient deposit/withdrawal options

If you want to use a specific payment method for deposits and withdrawals, make sure the site supports it before registering as a user! Our reviews will help you find the best online casino to play Aviator.

We consistently study the online industry to offer reliable recommendations. At the moment, these sites offer the best conditions in India for Aviator players for money:

India Aviator

We recommend India online casino for Indian Aviator players – the site has proven itself in the Indian market and maintains an impeccable reputation among players, implementing a transparent payout policy, providing regular bonuses to its users. The variety of games offered on this platform includes classic games such as poker and roulette as well as new and unique slots that are designed exclusively for this platform.

Any Countries Aviator

Official online casino started its work in 2016. Licensed in Curacao. Indian players can register on the portal and place bets in rupies. Official Casino offers a large selection of online slots and live dealer games and also accepts sports betting. The total number of gambling games on the portal exceeds 3,500. One of the most popular slots on the portal is Aviator. New players receive fat bonuses, but further they are in for pleasant surprises in the form of regular promotions from the casino.

Is “Aviator” a good way to make money or a fake?

Aviator Fair

The developer guarantees the fairness of the game thanks to the Provably Fair technology. Thanks to this method, there is no chance for a third party to interfere with the results. Game results are not generated on the developer’s servers. The process is completely transparent and is formed with the help of the players of the current round. You can check how the result was generated and confirm that the round was fair.

Before the start of the round, the hashed version of the generated seed classes of the server is in the public domain. Each player generates a database for the client. As the round begins, the Spribe Aviator game algorithm merges the client seeds with the server seeds to produce a result.

You can check the fairness of the round in the “History of the game” section. Aviator also gives you the option to change the client’s seeds if you feel like you’ll have better luck.

How to use the demo game in Aviator

Option 1 – just play on our website. Below is a demo version.

Option 2. Official site.

You can play the demo version of the game on the official Spribe website. You will not need to register. The site only requires you to confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Once you do that, you will have access to the Aviator game. The functions of the demo version are identical to the real money game. The only difference is that you don’t play for real money and win for real.

If you’re new to crash games in general, the Aviator demo game will help you understand how the concept works. You will be able to explore all the possibilities without worrying about wasting time or missing out on a good round. You can try different strategies and decide on one of them before you start playing for real money.

How to play the Aviator game and win real money

First you need to log into your user profile on the casino site. As soon as you are there and find the game Aviator in the offer, you can play it:

Aviator Start
  • You can double bet, but this is not required. The system will allow you to choose a bet from the minimum to the maximum. At this point, you can activate the auto function.
  • Place your bet before the round starts! Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next round.
Aviator Signal
  • As soon as the plane starts to rise, you can cash out at any time. As the odds increase, so does your potential winnings. Click on the Cash Out button when you feel it’s time to do so.
Aviator Cash out
Cash out
  • You will see how much you have won once you cash out. The difference will be visible on your balance sheet as well.

The best game techniques and strategies in the game Aviator

There is no set way to win every bet in Aviator. However, there are a few strategies you can try that will increase your chances of winning in the long run:

Double bet 2:1

Double betting gives you double the chance to cash out on time. If you complement this method with a 2:1 approach, you will have even more chances to cover your bet and win some money. If, for example, you plan to bet 300 Rs in the game, then the first bet should be 200, and the second – 100.

When the multiplier reaches 1.5x, you must cash out the first bet. This will cover all your investments. Then, before you cash out your second bet, wait for a bigger multiplier.

There is still a chance of losing both bets as the plane could crash at any time before the multiplier hits 1.5x. But for the sake of a big win, it is worth taking this risk.

Strategy 1.5x for one bet

This strategy involves placing one small bet. Even if you lose, the amount won’t be big. The goal is to always cash out when the multiplier hits 1.5x. Although the winnings will be small, you will be able to accumulate some amount over several rounds.

You can use the Auto feature to easily implement this strategy.

High risk strategy

If you’ve played in demo mode, you’ve probably noticed that many players bet $100 each. This is a high risk. However, such a bet also brings larger winnings. If you bet 1.5x you will win $50. If you wait for the multiplier to reach a higher level, you can win a lot! This is a big risk, so we don’t recommend doing it too often.

Increase your bet when you lose

This is another high risk strategy, but it doesn’t require large bets. It is based on d’Alembert’s theory that every loss brings you closer to winning. The point is to increase the bet a little when you lose and decrease it after winning.

You can find other strategies for playing Aviator in this article.


How not to lose money on the game Aviator?

We recommend reading how the game works and learning a few strategies. We have provided detailed information above. Playing the demo will help you set realistic expectations. You can try some of the Spribe Aviator game tricks in demo mode to see how they work. When betting real money, we recommend starting small.

Can I predict the outcome of an Aviator game?

No, there is no way to predict the outcome of a round. Various “prediction tools” are advertised on the Internet, but they are only designed to attract traffic, and possibly make money from you. We do not recommend relying on such tools. Aviator is a game based purely on luck. We have also seen videos claiming that there are signals in the Aviator game. You can watch some of these videos and try the demo to see if these tips work. However, these recommendations are not 100% supported by facts. Instead, we recommend trusting your instincts.

Is Aviator game legal in India?

Yes. Spribe is a trusted software developer with multiple licenses and certifications. She has received UKGC and MGA licenses. His games are presented on reliable sites that have received their own licenses. You can check out the online casinos we have recommended in our reviews. This is the best way to avoid any fraudulent versions of the game.

Who created the Aviator?

Spribe Innovative Casino Games has developed the software for the Aviator game. The provider is responsible for its appearance and algorithm. The casino only ensures the functioning of the game, without having access to the code and without being able to interfere with the results.

Results are generated via server seeds and player seeds. This is the so-called evidence-fair technology, which ensures the fairness of the results.

Do I need to download the Aviator game?

There is no need to download any software. The game is responsive and works well on screens of any size in the web version. Perhaps for the convenience of the game, you will want to download the online casino application, where the Aviator will already be present.

Is it possible to hack the game Aviator from Spribe?

No. It is very unlikely that the game can be hacked. There are many cheating tactics on the web, but none of them work. The game is super safe and the results are always random.

Where can I get bonus codes for the game Aviator?

The game itself does not allow you to use the code. You can check the chat, as there may be a “rain” function there. It gives you free bets if you use it.

The casino of your choice will provide you with a signup bonus and loyalty points. We recommend reading our articles and reviews to find the best deal.

How to play for bonuses in Aviator?

The conditions for playing for bonuses differ depending on the casino. As a general rule, you can use bonuses at your casino by prioritizing the bonus account. Or they will be debited if there are no funds in the main account.

Are there any promo codes for the Aviator?

Yes! When registering on the Aviator website, click the “Add promotional code” button and enter SHWIN. So you will receive an additional bonus when registering.

Key features of the game

🎮 Game typeCrash game / betting / casino
💵 Minimum bet10 Rs
📈 Gaming RTP97%
🕹 ProviderSpribe
🎮 Similar gamesJetx, Zeppelin, Lucky Jet
💡 Last game updateDecember 2022
📙 LanguagesEnglish, etc.
👍🏽 Creation date2019/2021(v.2.0)
💎 Max winDepends on the casino
📱Supported devicesDesktop, smartphones, tablets
🖥 TechnologyJS, HTML5