Aviator Strategy

Aviator strategy is a well-known game that allows players to get good winnings on a regular basis. If you join the game, you can enjoy its simple and intuitive features. The game is easy to understand and you do not need to have special skills to understand it. Each player can choose their own win-win strategy or follow the advice of other players.

In this guide, you will learn more about the Aviator game, how it works and the best strategy you can use.

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How the Aviator game works: basic rules

Starting the game Aviator is quite simple. It allows you to get money by betting at increasing odds. The official version of the game from the famous developer Spribe uses a proven fairness system, which guarantees a fair gaming experience. As for the design of the game, it is very simple and made in the style of the 80s.

As soon as you start the game, you will be able to place two bets at the same time before the start of the next round. The game sets you in the role of a piolet, and your earnings will depend on the distance that you can fly on an airplaneand you will earn epending to how far the plane flies. The winnings directely related to the flight to the plane which also shows a relating coeffiecent which in short means that the further the plane flies the more money you make. When raising the plane to a height, you must be careful not to overdo it.

This means that you have the chance to stop the climb at any time. It is at this point that you should press the exit button before the plane reaches peak altitude and leaves. If you withdraw the bet while the plane is flying our money will be multiplied by the amount you cashed ot but if you miss out and the plane crashes you lose the bet. You should also be aware of the following Spribe Aviator game tricks:

Aviator strategy tricks

– The win multiplier starts at 1x and increases as the plane moves up.

– You can win an amount equal to your current odds. Bets are then multiplied to the amount wagered by the odds the plane flew till.

– You must know that the aircraft will take off at a speed according to the coefficient determined by the random number generator. This means that you can make sure that every round is fair.

What is the algorithm of the game “Aviator”?

If you are going to start playing Aviator, then you should also know how it works. Algorithm is set by 4 participants and the outcome is directly related to it. These include an operator and three participants. The operator is responsible for generating the server core, which consists of 16 random elements.

Moreover, the hashed version can be viewed before the start of the round. You can also check it in Provably Fair game settings. In the future, the value of the client core will be generated on the side of each player. At the beginning of the round, the value of the initial 3 players will also be used to determine the result.

If we talk about the RTP of the game Aviator, then it is 97%. The coefficient of each round is created using a probatively fair algorithm and is completely transparent. This is possible thanks to cryptographic technology, in which the coefficients are not created by the casino server.

The best Aviator strategies for playing

If you are looking for a aviator strategy game, you are not alone! Many players are looking for the perfect way to win in this game. Although there is no consensus on the best strategy for the game, you should pay attention to the most common ones:

Aviator Strategy

  • Low odds: As part of this strategy, you have to set up a cash register with a low odds. In addition, you should avoid betting on a multiplier value higher than x1.5. Statistics say that such values ​​are more likely than large. There are some drawbacks to this tactic as well. For example, small wins are only up to 10%, and if the indicator is below 1.09, then you will lose the entire pot.
  • Moderate Risk: With this tactic, you cashout between x2-x5. This happens with a probability of 40-42%. You can lose this value if several rounds in a row have low multiplier values.
  • Aviator Winning Strategy for One Round: With this tactic, you will see x100 rolled in Aviator at most once in an hour and a half. Therefore, you will look for the last multiplier with this value, calculate the interval, and determine the output of the coefficient.
  • Double Bet Tactic: This is a definite combination tactic with low to moderate risk. All you need is to use both windows while playing. For best results, set the initial setting to automatic along with a multiplier of x1.20-1.50. At the same time, the second bet must be made on the basis of a moderate risk strategy with x2-x5 odds.

Keep in mind that all these strategies are only informational, so you are not guaranteed to win. The same works if you download any aviator strategy in pdf format.

Just stop wondering how to win big at Aviator and follow some of the best strategies above.

Demo game “Aviator”: Try your strategy for free

How to play Aviator without losing money? The best way to do this is to opt for the free version of the game. To start free gaming, you just need to select the demo mode on the casino website. The same experience is provided but the money is not rea so the winnings aren’t either.

Aviator strategy: The 4 Best Tactics to Win Right Now

If you want to have a better chance of winning at Aviator, then you should familiarize yourself with the following secrets and tricks and try to win:

  • Use the free version of the game and you will not risk money
  • Make sure you play without overzealousness. The best strategy is to play safe and earn less than to use your entire balance and lose everything.
  • You must have a stable internet connection so that the game does not freeze in the middle of your session.

One thing is for sure, whether you choose the free version of Aviator or the real money version, you will have many hours of fun.

Top 3 promotional features of the Aviator real money game

The Aviator game stands out for its great promo features. Below you can find some of the most useful:

  • Aviarace Tournaments: This is a great option if you want to continue winning regularly. All users can take part in them, and winning them leads to bonus points. You can then turn the bonus points into free bets, cash or other perks.
  • Rain Promotion: This is another great promotion for players that includes a certain number of side bets at random times. Claimimg bets are the easiest as you have to just press the “claim” button to claim them.
  • Free Bets: When you choose Free Bets, you risk nothing. This is one of the best ways to learn more about the game and strategies without risking your real money. You can claim free bets randomly or by winning multiple free bets in chat.

What is the chat option in the game Aviator?

If you want to start playing Aviator, please use the chat feature. The option is available in all formats:

– Mobile version

– Web version of the game

First, you can send messages to players in the same room. Further, you can receive important event notifications. It is also a way to get information about the actions of other players. Reporting poblems are as easy as to go to chat and report them.

What are betting statistics in the game Aviator?

Statistics Aviator

Another valuable feature of the Aviator game is real-time betting statistics. This feature allows players to follow the progress and earnings of other players. It shows the time of the previous game, the name of the winner, the size of the bet and the odds used in the game. The infromation can be turned arund and used as your personal stategy.

Remember that you should be careful while playing Aviator. This means that you should not delay the withdrawal by raising your aircraft to prohibitive heights. By finding the right balance, you can hit the jackpot. Failure to control actions will result in the loss of all your money. So be careful and only double or triple your bet on a 2-3x multiplier. This should be enough for a successful outcome of the game

You can also use the autoplay feature. With this feature, you can play up to 10 rounds in a row without stopping.

Is there an Aviator hack program?

If you have ever considered Aviator, you may want to know about Aviator game hacks. Indeed, on forums and blogs you can find a lot of advice offering to buy or install hacker applications. According to them, you can hack the game system and find out the result long before the round starts.

The truth is that all hacking apps are fake and you risk wasting your money to buy them. In addition, you run the risk of installing viruses and harming your device.