Aviator Demo

Demo Aviator. Aviator game was released by the famous manufacturer Spribe in 2019. This is a crash game with simple rules, so anyone, both a beginner and an experienced player, can try their hand here.

Aviator game is designed for use in online casinos, but beginners can try the game for free in demo mode. This mode is fully consistent with the original game and at the same time allows you to try out your game strategies without risking real money. It is very convenient for mastering the basic rules of the game. In this article you will find all the necessary information on how to find the Aviator demo game and what it is.

Where can I find the demo Aviator game?

Official website of the developer

A demo game is available on the official Spribe website. The provider allows you to try out the game by confirming your age (over 18). The demo mode on the official website of the provider is available only in the English version and the game is played for virtual dollars.

Online casino sites

The game is available in many online casinos, for example: 1Win, Mostbet, where you need to find Spribe games and choose Aviator among them. Opportunity to try the game in demo is provided. The demo version of the online game Aviator allows you to play without registering and investing your own funds.

Demo Aviator game interface

Aviator demo

The Aviator slot machine attracts with a simple and intuitive interface.

Flight of the plane build the slots of the game. While the plane is flying, the payout ratio (x) will increase.The multiplier is the multiplier of your bet. It starts with 1x odds, and can grow indefinitely, as well as your bet.

The control panel is located under the main playing field. There is:

– A field for choosing (or entering) the size of the bet, where you can set the amount that you are ready to bet in this round.

– “Bet” button. Place your bet before the start of the next round. During the current round, you will not be able to wager money. After pressing the button, the system accepts the player’s request and your bet plays in the next round. As soon as the round has started, the name of the button changes to “Cash Out”, so that you can collect your winnings at the right time.

– “Auto cashout” – a switch, when enabled, the money will be automatically cashed out when the set coefficient is reached.

– Autoplay functionality – setting the number of rounds, as well as other functions in the game.

The top panel displays the winning odds for all rounds of the game.

Displaying on the left side are the bets, odds and opponets in the demo game.

How to play Aviator in free mode?

The principle of playing Aviator in demo mode is very simple.

– On the official website of the online casino, we are looking for a Spribe provider.

– We find the game Aviator, where you need to select a demo version.

– Place a bet and wait for the round to start.

To participate the player has to place a bet in the start of each round because ones the game starts the window of participation is closed and round is missed.

Amount of the bet increases as the plane climbs, the most important part for you is to cash out the winnings before the plane crashes, otherwise the bet is lost.

It is impossible to predict the duration of the round in advance.

Avoiding mistakes is a must, to make it happen you can use a function called “Auto-Withdrawal’ which will withdraw the money on the desired coeffcient wihout needing constant supervision from you.

A vital tactic could be to double bet per round. Cashing out one of the bets and risking more on the other will increase your chances of winning.

If you want to make the game easier, activate the autoplay feature by clicking on the “Auto Play” and “Auto Cash Out” buttons. Rounds take place without the participation of the player. If the plane reaches the desired value, the round will automatically end.

Why do I need a demo mode of the game in Aviator?

  1. Try the game if you are new. After all, you should not immediately play for money without understanding all the possibilities of the game.
  2. Test and hone your own winning strategies. If you have come up with some kind of strategy, you can use it in a demo game, thereby understanding how it will help you to play for money.
  3. Play without risking your budget.
  4. Study the games of your opponents. Each player can see the bets of his opponents, as well as at what odds most wins occur.

How is the demo mode different from the real money game?

In demo mode, there is no need to register. Futhermore most importantly, since this is a trial version, you do not risk your own funds using virtual money.