Download Aviator

Download Aviator. If you are familiar with the latest trends in the world of online gaming, you must have heard of the Aviator game. It was developed by Spribe at the beginning of 2019. Aviator game contains innovative gameplay with unique features, exciting bonuses, high quality animation and sound effects.


All of this has contributed to Aviator gaining huge popularity among players as the game is easy to use and offers good bets and chances to win big after every round. Please note that this airplane game is compatible with PC and various mobile devices including iPhone, Android devices and tablets.

How to play the Aviator betting game

Aviator gambling is not like other online slots. It has no paylines, symbols or reels. In a crash game, the round starts with the plane taking off, and after some time the plane flies away. As the plane goes up, the bet multiplier increases from x1 and can go up to infinity. The longer it flies, the greater the coefficient of potential winnings of the current round.

To win in Aviator, you need to withdraw your earnings before the lucky plane takes off. If you do not do this, you will lose your bet in the Aviator game. Likewise, if you withdraw your winnings too early, you are likely to miss out on huge rewards. It is also worth mentioning that Aviator Game has advanced betting features such as auto cash out, auto bet and individual bets that add thrill to every round of the game.

Several special features of the Aviator game are available to players, including multiplayer tournaments, regular bonuses, free bets, thanks to which players receive random amounts to play with.

Do I need to download the game Aviator?

The Aviator game is available for free download on PC, tablets, mobile phones. However, you cannot earn real money by playing on the downloaded Aviator app as it is an offline app. The only way to earn real money is to create an account and play a real money online casino game.

The downloadable offline Aviator game only recreates the environment found in the real Aviator game available through the online casino. Thus, players can practice and modify their strategies on such apps before playing the real money version. It is also worth noting that downloading the Aviator game apk from unofficial sites is not safe, as these files are not developed by Spribe and are often a scam.

How to download the game Aviator on your phone

Players can download Aviator game on their mobile devices. The game is fully functional on both iOS and Android operating systems. Thus, if you are planning to play Aviator on your smartphone, it is best to start by training on the mobile version and not on the PC version.

This is because when playing Aviator with these devices, you will most likely notice several differences that may affect your gameplay. However, we will discuss these differences later.

How to download Aviator apk for android and iPhone

The Aviator app is quite easy to download and install on Android. Let’s see how to download the Aviator game for Android devices:

  • Go to Official website
  • Find APP download
App install
App install
  • Once you find the download link, click the “install” button to start the download
  • Follow the prompts to successfully install the Official app and register

Is there a web version of the game Aviator?

If you prefer to play Aviator only on the big screen, you’ll be happy to know that the web version of Aviator is compatible with any browser on your device. Players can access it via PC, tablet, iPad or smartphone. In addition, the official developer of the game has released a web version, which is available through the site

As a result, gamers can play the Aviator game of chance on the big screen and access features that are not available on the mobile version. In addition, the web version does not require any additional software to be downloaded to use it. As soon as you load the site, you can immediately start playing Aviator.

Differences between the downloaded game in the mobile and PC versions of the game Aviator

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay on PC and mobile is different. Apart from the obvious difference in screen sizes, the two devices require players to adapt to different controls while playing. This is because the icons on mobile apps are smaller and harder to recognize than on the desktop version.

Another difference is that the desktop version has a better display and is more responsive than the mobile version. However, this also affects desktop battery life as it consumes more power while playing than the mobile version of Aviator game apk.

Please note that the mobile version has more ads as you will be connected to the internet while playing, especially if you are using third party Aviator game app downloads. However, you can turn off your internet connection to play without interruption. Overall, both the desktop and mobile versions offer an enjoyable gaming experience. Therefore, choose the appropriate option depending on your preferences.

Where can I play Aviator for real money?

To play the aviator game for real money, users can download the Official Aviator casino app for Android and iOS devices. Aviator Online Casino is a reputable internationally licensed gambling site where the Aviator game is available. Thus, you can bet and win real money, as well as practice for free by trying the demo mode of the game.

Unlike traditional slot games, Aviator is more like a trading platform than a casino game. Perhaps that is why it is more popular among cryptocurrency gamers. Practice your timing and mindfulness skills by trying to score as many points as possible while the plane is taking off and before it starts to fall.


You should not download the Aviator game, since all its functions are available in the web version. You can use both demo mode to train and play for real money at Official Casino. All in all, every gambler has a chance to try out this popular game and potentially win huge rewards.